Life in the sixth form

The transition from GCSE to A-Levels is often thought to be more challenging than from A-Levels to University. We aim to help students build a bridge from GCSE to A-Level work and to keep them engaged with various activities, clubs and challenges. A busy person is often a happy person and happy people are generally more successful.

Being such a large academy means the sixth form students can choose from a wide variety of clubs, activities, trips and college competitions. There is something on offer for everyone and we encourage all students to become involved in our College Life.

The Enrichment Programme is an integral part of sixth form studies; we offer these opportunities to provide an interest or hobby for students outside of their academic subjects. However, more importantly, it is no longer sufficient to simply do well in academic subjects to secure a place at University or a good job. University admissions tutors and workplace recruitment officers now increasingly seek more rounded individuals who have attempted to explore their potential. It is essential to gain experience in different areas to develop a broad range of skills and attributes. Universities also consider whether a student has the ability to cope with a broad range of activities alongside their academic work, revealing their organizational skills and personal qualities.

At Willenhall E-ACT Academy, we want sixth form students to have the opportunities to fully develop their talents and interests and demonstrate a broad range of interests and achievements in the increasingly competitive market for university places and job opportunities. In addition, it is important to have time away from their academic work to relax and pursue broader interests and hobbies.

Good attendance to sixth form is vital for your success- we expect our sixth form students to aim for at least 96% attendance. This not only helps you to succeed but also forms the basis of any reference you might need from us for university or a future employer.

Assemblies are held for Year 12 and 13 and your attendance to them is a compulsory and a very important part of your life in sixth form. Assemblies are often led by outside speakers, but they also impact important information to you about future events and what you should be doing on a day to day basis in sixth form.

Your sixth form school day might be a little different to what you are used to. The school day is 8.40am to 3.00pm and the combination of lessons in your timetable will depend on the subjects and pathways that you are taking. If you don’t have lessons you should use this free time for independent and private study – the sixth form study room is available for you to do this in school currently.

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