Examination results

Schools and academies are not required to publish exam and assessment results from the 2019-2020 academic year given the disruption caused to education by the pandemic. Our 2018-2019 performance measures are listed below for information.


KS4Actual 2018National 2018Target 2019Actual 2019National 2019Target 2020Actual 2020
Progress 8-0.62-0.02-0.33-0.73-0.030.36-0.25
Attainment 836.846.537.3733.646.842.240.4
4+in English and Mathematics48%64%49.743.6%64%63.353.1%
5+in English and Mathematics27.4%43%23.617.6%43%32.224.3%
Ebacc entry (%)4%38%37%37%40%19.219.2%
Achieving Ebacc at 4+2.2%24%20.69.1%25%16.911.9%
P8 Ebacc bucket-0.89-0.03-0.43-0.840.31-0.48
P8 Open bucket-0.6-0.04-0.23-0.90.51-0.14
P8 Boys-0.95-0.47-1.10.18-0.04
P8 High prior attainers-0.72-0.52-1.040.31-0.01
P8 English-0.41-0.04-0.48-0.420.11-0.34
P8 Mathematics-0.5-0.02-0.18-0.630.49-0.08
VA Science-0.84-0.41-0.700.43-0.23
VA Humanities (Gg/Hi)-1.42/-0.74-0.26-1.34/-0.860.65-0.39/-0.08
VA MFL0.43-0.52-1.370.56-0.28


Students accessing further education or training

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