Our approach to learning

Our approach to learning

We pride ourselves in delivering a knowledge rich curriculum that maintains high expectations for all learners whilst deliberately building their knowledge and vocabulary, it is the foundation on which reading comprehension, critical thinking and a range of other necessary lifelong skills are built.

Our knowledge rich curriculum is a well-planned and well thought through sequence of knowledge progression.  Allowing students to build knowledge through the development of connected schema to ensure knowledge and skill retention and retrieval from long term memory.

As learners gain knowledge and understanding and develop complex schema, they are able to make more links with other things they know. As learners know more, they are able to make more and more links and develop deeper and more complex schema. 

‘Knowledge begets knowledge’

Our curriculum reflects the curriculum vision of the Academy in that we provide a learning environment of high expectations and high aspirations for all – a curriculum that is stimulating, rich and rigorous that meets the needs of each individual.

Specifically, our KS3 Curriculum is designed to be rich in knowledge across a wide range of subjects, ensuring that we not only fulfil the National Curriculum but also look to extend students’ knowledge and develop skills that will equip them for further study at KS4 and importantly for when they leave school. At subject level, each curriculum has been designed by subject specialists to engage and inspire students, to engage students in the subject and get them to ask those “big questions”, to highlight misconceptions and to demonstrate concrete and meaningful connections with other subjects.

Alongside teaching of the academic curriculum, we support the character development of all students through a carefully crafted PSHE programme. The skills and knowledge gained through the academic and character development curriculum is essential to enable students to function and contribute to society. Our PSHE programme ensures we are compliant with the Equality Act of 2010.

Willenhall E-ACT Academies Core Principles for Curriculum

  • Developing schema for knowledge connections and retrieval 
    • Delivering new knowledge that is rich and diverse
    • Metacognition
    • Planning for and teaching how to remember old knowledge and make connections to new knowledge
  • Teacher led knowledge delivery
    • Teachers being the experts in learning and knowledge delivery
    • Teachers identifying the most appropriate strategy for delivery, reviewing and adapting
  • Closing gaps
    • Mapping component mini assessments with feedback and action
    • Mapping end of topic/composites assessments
    • Identifying gaps and misconceptions
    • Re-teaching whole class
    • Using different methods to reteach
    • Knowledge organisers
  • Should you wish to know more about our curriculum please do not hesitate to contact the academy via email Mrs K Lloyd kaite.lloyd@wha.e-act.org.uk / Mrs E Clements emma.clements@wha.e-act.org.uk or via reception on 01902 368221

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