Student leadership


  • Student Leadership

    Currently the school has community ambassadors which are the academy’s Student Leadership pathway. All Community Ambassadors have filled in an application form and had an interview to become part of the team. Students are the link between the academy and the community and are continually striking to develop relationships and create a better reputation of our academy. The ambassadors have led on litter picks, food donations for the local food bank, supporting local residences and many more. They will plan and lead many more exciting opportunities in the coming year.


    Head ambassadors:


    Our two Head Ambassadors are Alex Heath and Destiny Garner. They applied and showed excellent leadership potential being voted for by staff.

    Recruitment ambassadors:

    Ambassadors sit on the recruitment student panel that plays a key role in the recruitment of staff to the academy. They have received training for their roles and display excellent leadership and communication skills.


    Subject ambassadors:


    Subject ambassadors represent each subject across the academy which suit their strengths and their passion and drive to help celebrate and promote their subjects.


    Equality Ambassadors:


    Equality and diversity is at the heart of our academy community and we want students to have their say and make a positive impact. All successful candidates applied and put forward their ideas and passion for championing all the wonderful things that makes us all so unique. Students are formulating exciting projects and planning charity events they are leading on to aid the local and national community. Ambassadors have helped to run and support Equality stands held across the academy to promote our amazing individual characteristics and celebrate our diverse academy community as a whole.






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