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English as an Additional Language – Rationale


At Willenhall E-Act Academy, we are committed to providing both a language-rich curriculum and an environment for all of our EAL Students. This ensures that they are fully immersed in the English language, so that they can play a broader and active part in both academy life and the wider community.

We identify each individual student’s needs through formative assessments as soon as they enter the academy. These enable us to identify a baseline from which we provide swift interventions and pre-teaching opportunities, allowing students to access the appropriately planned and inclusive curriculum that we offer.

Students develop English language competence in the modes of Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. We use a variety of strategies and tools to teach these, so that students have the knowledge and skills to use English to communicate with others in a variety of curriculum and social contexts. Through termly assessments, we track and monitor the progress of our EAL students’ acquisition of English, ensuring that they can communicate confidently and effectively, whilst interacting with their peers and adults.

We have a strong, inclusive team that thinks big and works proactively; baselining, setting interventions, assessing and scaffolding through activities during whole class teaching, removing barriers that stand in the way of our EAL students learning and success. We meet our responsibilities to our EAL students by ensuring they have equal access to the curriculum and extra-curricular activities to enable them to achieve their educational potential. We provide our EAL students with a safe, welcoming, nurturing environment where they are accepted, valued and encouraged to participate.

EAL Cordinator: Sunil Kainth


EAL Intervention Lead: Sally Cowley

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