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Year 7 catch-up premium

What is it?

Year 7 catch-up premium


The literacy and numeracy catch up gave schools additional funding to support Year 7’s who did not achieve at least the national expected level in reading and/or maths at the end of ks2.


What do we do?

At Willenhall we like to know and understand where our pupils are starting their journey with us. We receive data from the primary schools at the beginning of Year 7 to assess the individual needs of each of our students. We then use funding for interventions to maximise the progress of our students.


How do we do it?

All Year 7 students are screened using GL tests

Students are taught English and mathematics in classes with an emphasis on progress by a fully qualified teacher

The school has a consistent approach to literacy and numeracy across all subject areas

There has been an increase in timetabled English and mathematics lessons at KS3

Some students access interventions to support them with their English and/or mathematics. Students are withdrawn from some lessons for small group interventions in numeracy and/or literacy. They are never withdrawn from their English or mathematics lessons

These include

IDL – A phonics, spelling and punctuation based online reading programme specifically for Reading programme with a focus on fluency and comprehension to improve understanding of texts and written responses

Literacy intervention focussed on D coding information and words within text

Maths and numeracy – Focus on basic skills, Hegarty maths


Key Documents

WEA Year 7 catch up plan 2019 – 20 and evaluation of 2018 – 19

WEA Year 7 catch up evaluation of 2019 -20





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