Admissions Arrangements

Applying for your child’s secondary school place should be hassle free. We have put together key information to help you with your application process. We look forward to hearing from you to have a tour of our Academy.

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Our Academy is part of E-ACT, a multi-academy trust. E-ACT is the Admissions Authority for the Academy and has a planned admission number (PAN) at 190 for year 7.


How do I apply?

To apply for a place at our Academy you need to complete a ‘Secondary Transfer Common Application’ form via Walsall Council’s website. 

The application deadline for applying to a secondary school for 2022 has now passed. Please contact our Academy if you have missed the deadline and we can advise on the next steps on how you can still apply for a place.



What happens if I’ve missed the application deadline?

You can still apply directly to the local council. Please get in touch with us for more information.


When will I hear if my application has been successful?

Depending on when you apply, it will be after the first round of offers have been made and processed.


What if I had an exceptional circumstance as to why I could not apply on time?

You will need to contact the local council and they will let you know whether they can accept any supporting evidence and take it into consideration on the application being submitted late.


What happens after I’ve submitted our choices?

Once you have submitted your choices to your Local Authority, your formal offer of a place will come from the Local Authority who will write to parents/carers on National Offer Day in March 2022 allocating a single secondary school to your child. 


Key Dates for September 2022/23 Admissions

Here are key dates about the admissions process:

Stage of processDate
Application period starts1 September 2022
Academy open days Sept/Oct 2022
Closing date for applications 31 October 2022
National Offer Day1 March 2023
Deadline for accepting the offer15 March 2023
Deadline for submitting appeals 29 March 2023
Appeal hearings for appeals submitted on timeMay and June
Induction day at secondary schoolTBC - July 2023
Term startsSeptember 2023


Submit your application on time! 

Any forms received after 31 October 2021 will be deemed late and will not be processed until after 1 March 2022, when offers have been generated for ‘on time’ applications. 


Where can I find out more information?

We have detailed information in our ‘Admissions Arrangements 2022-23’ document about the following: 

Published Admission Number (PAN), admission criteria, waiting lists, tie-breaker, appeals, in-year transfers and more, please take a look.


E-ACT Supplementary Information Form

Admission Arrangements 2023


Admission Contact Details

Mrs Katie Lloyd – Head of Transition
Mrs Sarah Murcott – Executive Headteacher

Admissions Team (Local Authority)

Tel: 01922 652585

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