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Subject: ART

Subject Lead: Katie Lloyd

Subject Lead’s email:

Teachers: Katie Lloyd and Sukhjinder Nahal

Faculty Vision: The Creative and Performing Arts faculty aim to provide a curriculum that builds a solid base developing problem solving, confidence, collaboration and communication.  We seek to challenge motivate and inspire students to reach their full creative brilliance through performance and practical work.  Students are encouraged to experiment, explore and work to create products, art work and performances to a high standard whilst demonstrating resilience and critical thinking. We aim to exploit and stretch existing talent and develop a new passion for the creative world 

Subject Vison: 

Art encourages all students to become inquisitive, imaginative and innovative and share responsibility for their own learning.
Art allows creative thinking and it’s often a risky process and that students learn from their mistakes as well as their successes.
Art students should have opportunities to learn in a variety of ways and recognise that celebrating their successes will inspire them to think creatively in other areas.


Long Term Plan

Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Year 7 Elements of Art


Elements of Art- Linked to Artists and Seaside Unit 2

Cells – Inside our Bodies


Year 8 Unit 1

Art Movements

Unit 2 Part 1

Day of the Dead


At the Zoo


At the Zoo

(Part 2- Practical Elements)

Day of the Dead

Part 2- Practical Elements)

Year 9 Unit 1

Part 1



Unit 2

Facial Features


Unit 3

Part 1

Birds Bees and Butterflies

Birds Bees and Butterflies (Part 2 Practical Elements)

(Part 2 Practical Elements)

Year 10 Unit 1Portraits

Unit 2 Abstract Nature

Plus 1 off Activities for Portfolio/ Supporting Evidence

Year 11


Lockdown Unit – AO1 and AO3



Plus 1 off Activities for Portfolio/ Supporting Evidence

Lockdown Unit

AO2 and AO4


Abstract Nature AO2 and AO4




Portfolio Presentation.

Portfolio Presentation



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