DT and Food

Curriculum documentation

Subject: Creative Learning :Design Technology and Hospitality and Catering

Subject Lead:  Mrs L Thomas

Subject Lead’s email: Lisa.thomas@e-act.org.uk

Teachers:  Mrs L Thomas Mr J Shilvock

Vision:  The Creative and Performing Arts faculty aim to provide a curriculum that builds a solid base developing problem solving, confidence, collaboration and communication.  We seek to challenge motivate and inspire students to reach their full creative brilliance through performance and practical work.  Students are encouraged to experiment, explore and work to create products, art work and performances to a high standard whilst demonstrating resilience and critical thinking. We aim to exploit and stretch existing talent and develop a new passion for the creative world


Long Term Plan- Students will work on a rotation basis and will cover all of these elements at some point during the academic year.

  Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Year 7 TOPIC: Textiles- worry doll

TOPIC:  Food basic skills                                                                        10 weeks each

Topic: memory box (Resistant Materials)

Topic:  Food packaging- one handed fast-food holder (Graphics)

Year 8 TOPIC:  Bag for life- Textiles ‘good enough to eat’ sustainability unit

TOPIC:  Food intermediate skills Food around the world                             10 weeks each                                                

Topic: Resistant Materials Mechanical lamp ‘working from home’

Topic: Flat pack Graphics project ‘entertaining children at home’

Year 9 TOPIC:  Food Refining skills- cooking for others

TOPIC:  Food Mastery Hospitality and Catering, planning events          10 weeks each

Topic: Resistant Materials Working from home- laptop work station

Topic: Graphics- Aspirational home design unit

Year 10 TOPIC:


To be able to cook dishes, developing and improving skills from KS3


LO4- Know how food can cause ill health




Use of commodities


L01-Understand the environment in which Hospitality & Catering providers operate

L02- Understand the structure of the Hospitality & Catering industry



Produce dishes to be served on a range of different menus

L03- Health & safety and legislation within the hospitality and Catering industry

Year 11 Controlled assessment:

Functions of nutrients on the body

Controlled assessment:    Needs of specific groups Controlled assessment:

Effects of cooking on nutrients

Controlled assessment:   Factors to consider when designing menus Controlled assessment:    Types of menu


Environmental factors

How dishes on menu meet customer need


Planning production of dishes


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