Curriculum documentation

Subject: History

Subject Lead: Mr Burgess

Subject Lead’s email: Paul.Burgess@E-Act.org.uk

Teachers: Mr Burgess, Mr Clark, Mrs Perry, Mr Sidaway, Mr Bahia, Miss Wade, Miss Simmonds and Mrs Issam

Vision: Our Humanities department strives to create informed citizens who are able to create a sense of identity in our ever changing world. Our students will be made aware of cultural and spiritual diversity locally, nationally and globally through our subjects of Religious Education, History and Geography. They will develop transferable skills giving them the ability to evaluate evidence and reach informed judgements and express educated opinions.



Long Term Plan

Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Year 7 Medieval Britain Medieval Britain The Tudors The Stuarts Industry and Empire Industry and Empire
Year 8 The causes of WW1 The First World War Revolutions after WW1 The Second World War The Second World War The Second World War
Year 9 Democracy and Suffrage Democracy and Suffrage The Holocaust and Genocide The Holocaust and Genocide European Dictatorships The Cold War
Year 10 Germany 1890-1945


Germany 1890-1945


Conflict and Tension 1918-39


Conflict and Tension 1918-39


Britain and Health Britain and Health
Year 11 Elizabethan England Elizabethan England Revision Revision Revision Revision



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