Social Science

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Subject: Social Science

Subject Lead: Miss C Wilson

Subject Lead’s email:

Subject Year Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Psychology 10 Memory Research Methods Research Methods/ Perception Perception Brain development Brain development/ Language/ thought and communication
11 Language, thought and communication Social Influence Brain neuropsychology Psychological problems    
Sociology 10 Key sociologists and research methods The sociology of families The sociology of families The sociology of education The sociology of education Sociological research and methods
11 The sociology of crime and deviance The sociology of crime and deviance The sociology of social stratification The sociology of social stratification    
Health and Social 10 Human Lifespan and development Coursework completion Coursework completion Health and social care services Coursework completion Coursework completion
11 Health and well-being Health and well-being Exam Health and wellbeing re-sits    

Teachers: Miss C Wilson and Mrs Deanne Kumar

Vision: To inspire a love of learning in social sciences by encouraging socially aware, curious and critically analytical thinkers that try to make sense of the world they live. Students need to describe, explain, apply and evaluate theories and perspectives that try to grasp an understanding of behaviour displayed by individuals, cultures and societies. Students will use their knowledge and thinking to inform future choices that better themselves and positively contribute to the world in which they reside.







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