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Sport Clubs
There are several extra-curricular sports clubs that are offered throughout the year, these include: Football, Hockey, Swimming, Netball, Rounders, Rugby and badminton. These sports clubs give students the opportunity to develop skills, have fun and make new friends. These clubs are there to help develop skills further and also to allow the students to enjoy the sports they play.

We have regularly fixtures across the year for many different sports. These change every half term in regards to which sports that the students will compete it against a range of different schools in the Walsall area. This is an excellent opportunity for the students to showcase and display their skills in a competitive situation and represent the school.

The academy has begun to develop the student leaders in the academy. This is done by having a range of different sports leaders that help and assist an range of different events. They do this
through helping run primary and secondary sporting events throughout the year. Students have and will plan events to lead at primary schools.

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