Performing Arts

Music clubs take place during lunchtimes at the academy where students learn pieces in small ensemble groups (woodwind and strings) ready to perform at ‘The Big Orchestra’.

‘The Big Orchestra’ event brings together schools from around the West Midlands as a musical community; this year our students playing alongside grade 8 musicians in concerto pieces and in pieces of film music as well as playing popular songs from the charts.

The music department also offer the opportunity to play in a rock band where students learn to communicate as musicians, playing songs from different genres.  In addition to this, the department offer a Key Stage 3 vocal group where voices come together to sing pop songs of their choice in a three-part harmony. We have had several success stories where students have won local and UK vocal competitions. In addition, we offer one-to-one tuition where students can learn to play instruments.


Peter Pan Rehearsal Schedule

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Peter Pan Rehearsal Schedule

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