Student leadership

Developing future leaders is an important responsibility all schools and academies have and Willenhall looks to provide many opportunities for students to lead and be leaders. Each year group has form reps and year council members who form the back bone of student voice at the academy, meeting half termly to discuss important issues and look for ways to make the academy a better more purposeful place.

We are proud that our pupils are engaged with their school community and want to contribute to its improvement; the school council plays a vital role in this and is lead from the very top by students in Year 13. Leadership opportunities are also offered to KS4 pupils who may be selected to be prefects. The Captain and Vice Captain of School (appointed from Post 16) work with the Pastoral staff at KS4 to recruit a team of students willing and capable of helping maintain purpose and high standards particularly in unstructured time. Prefects may be involved in coaching and mentoring of younger pupils, they may be showing visitors around the academy or they may be helping at lunchtime clubs. They may also just be around and about in the academy at break and lunchtimes to offer support and guidance and remind all students of the high standards of behaviour and conduct that are expected. These leadership opportunities are a privilege bestowed on our very best students and are reviewed half termly by Pastoral Teams.


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